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Additive manufacturing in the Sport market

Our sport engineering technologies are perfect for the custom design of high-end sporting equipment that delivers excellent performance and unparalleled aerodynamics, every time.

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METRON designed components have over 200 world medals in cycling, with some of the most successful cycling teams of the modern day utilising our services for the design and manufacture of road and track frames and components in the hunt for marginal gains. Our custom geometry 3D printed handlebars provide riders with the all-important connection with the bike, blending stiffness and light weight with unparalleled aerodynamics to produce the ultimate package.

METRON has also produced components for watersports, such as the America’s cup sailing boats; snow sports and many others.

Our EBM and DSLM technology and expertise with component optimisation makes high end sporting equipment the perfect avenue for our capabilities, delivering excellent performance every time.

Scalmalloy® is the highest strength commercially available aluminium alloy for Additive Manufacture (AM), this represents a significant step forward for the use of aluminium alloys in low temperature, structural applications.

Ti6Al4V has a relatively low thermal expansion coefficient (CTE) of only about ⅓ that of aluminium and about ⅔ that of steel.  This provides possibilities for use in relatively hot environments up to about 400 deg.C, where its lower weight than existing steel components can improve efficiencies and reduce overall weight.

METRON can Provide:

  • In-house manufacture of Titanium and Scalmalloy® structural AM components using either Electron Beam or Laser Powder Bed Fusion (E-PBF / L-PBF) technology
  • Custom, high-performance components made with low weight and perfect user integration
  • Applicable technology for cycling, sailing, snow sports and many more
  • Design consultancy to optimise AM components
  • Design for Additive Manufacture
  • Parameter development to optimise Additive Manufacturing process for specific requirements