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About Metron

Who We Are

Originally founded in 1996, METRON is an engineering consultancy delivering design excellence to clients internationally. It was then transformed into its current format in 2009. Combining engineering acumen and material expertise, we offer innovative solutions which enable our clients to meet their objectives.

From our base in Derbyshire, METRON is involved in a variety of projects across Europe, the US and further afield. Our work includes individual design components; prototyping; systems thinking; additive engineering design and production capabilities; and material science expertise.

Over the years we have provided solutions for teams competing in high performance sports such as cycling (Olympics, Tour De France), sailing (America’s Cup) and motorsports (F1) as well as equipment for the aerospace industry.

Combining our knowledge of materials and our expertise in innovative engineering solutions, we utilise Additive Manufacturing technology to create complex shapes and geometric features that would be impossible to produce in traditional manufacturing processes.

What We Do

The METRON engineering team look at design as a complete unit. Our technical knowledge and manufacturing expertise extends to industries such as Aerospace and Formula One.

With a foundation built on our consultancy expertise, the first step in any project is for us to develop a deep understanding of the needs of the customer, and work together to create a plan that will satisfy these needs to the highest standard.

With a project plan in place, we can get to work designing and optimising the required components. With expertise in complex 3D modelling and Finite Element Analysis (FEA), we develop world class components that are optimised to minimise weight and maximise strength, regardless of the material choice.

We have extensive experience in the design of functional prototypes in both plastic and metals, to allow for the form and function of a component to be checked prior to production.

To ensure the design values match the real world, parts are usually sent out for testing with an independent body for guaranteed compliance with the relevant standards.

We are passionate about reducing manufacturing costs for our customers, and pride ourselves on our clever compact 3D printing build arrangements to maximise use of the build chamber and produce as many components as possible from a single run of our Additive Manufacturing machines. We also have years of experience in the design and production of tooling for composites and the development of components for conventional manufacturing techniques.

In-house production is satisfied by our Arcam Q10 EBM and EOS M400 SLM/DMLS machines, producing high quality 3D printed components in both Titanium alloy and an Aluminium-Magnesium-Scandium alloy. Additionally, we have a multitude of long-standing relationships with other companies to satisfy conventional manufacturing techniques.

Our Process

Discover & Consult


Design for Additive



Optimise Build


Why Choose Us


Volume Production

We are highly experienced in the creation of densely packed builds, stacking components to optimise use of the build chamber and reduce costs to the end user. Stacking of components and multiple melt pools make our 3D printing capabilities ideal for high production numbers.


Complex Geometry

METRON’s 3D printing capabilities allow for complex shapes and geometries to be produced. Each layer is melted to the exact geometry as defined by your CAD models, and our expertise in Design for Additive Manufacture (DfAM) ensures your part will come out just right.


Cost & Waste Reduction

Multiple layers are melted to exact CAD model geometry, eliminating material waste and reducing finishing time. Combined with high-volume production, METRON may be cheaper than you think.



METRON’s Additive Manufacturing technologies offer the exceptional Strength-to-Weight Ratio and mechanical properties of Aluminium-Magnesium-Scandium alloy and Titanium alloy parts, with no excess material adding unnecessary weight.


Eradicate Tooling

3D printed components eradicate the need for tooling, fixtures and design revisions. METRON can build the part you want straight away.


Widespread Usage

3D printing can be used to fabricate end-use products in aircraft, high end sports, medical implants, automobiles, and even artistic objects. With endless application possibilities, why not get in touch and see if we can fulfill your manufacturing needs?

Our Team

The team at METRON comprises a passionate bunch of engineers, led by Dimitris Katsanis - a man with experience in a variety of industries over an illustrious 30-year career.

With designs that won over 100 Olympic and World medals in cycling, Dimitris is a man who knows how to deliver the winning formula time after time, no matter the industry. The rest of the team bring knowledge and expertise from a variety of backgrounds, from Metallurgy and Additive Manufacturing to motor transmissions; all sharing a passion for ‘Pizza Tuesdays’. A project with METRON utilises the knowledge of all of these bright minds, so you can rest assured you’re in safe hands.