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Our Capabilities

World Class Cycling Components

METRON CYCLING COMPONENTS are designed and built in-house on our Additive Manufacturing machines, using only the highest grade materials.

The 3D printing process allows us to optimise our components far beyond conventional manufacturing techniques, offering stiff and aerodynamic parts without a weight penalty over conventional parts.

METRON has been designing and manufacturing components for athletes at the highest level of cycling since our inception nearly 30 years ago, and now it’s time to pass these performance gains on to the general public with our own component range, MYTHOS. These will share all of the same performance gains and engineering expertise that the pros receive, but for the first time they will sport our own METRON name. Use our contact page to get your own slice of the highest performance cycling components on the market.

METRON custom Time Trial Handlebar (click image to enlarge)

METRON Custom TT bar features

METRON specialises in creating form-fitting components, for the ultimate in rider integration. We can scan your riding position and your arms, and create a handlebar that fits as good as a glove, offering the pinnacle in comfort and aerodynamics. When your bars fit this well, it’s impossible to ride slowly.

At METRON we love to create innovative solutions to whatever challenges we face, so if you have an idea you would like to incoporate then we can probably make it.

Designed to utilise the full extent of the UCI permissable sizings, we have developed our aerodynamic profiles to reduce drag to the highest extent across a typical ride through our extensive experience. This ultimately saves watts, letting you go faster for longer.

We have achieved up to 50% reduced bar drag over a standard carbon fibre TT bar setup, which can lead to up to a whopping 3% overall drag reduction for bike and rider.

Our integrated cable routing through the handlebars leaves the cockpit ultra clean, and can be tailored to work as effectively as possible with virtually any bike.

With an integrated bar and stem design, you can go much further with the optimisation of the shape for both aerodynamics and strength, saving weight and reducing drag. Shielding the steerer clamp goes a step further, delivering an uncompromised aerodynamic package with a sleek aesthetic.

METRON is incredibly proud to be able to say that our custom TT bars have been ridden to the top step of  Tour de France for 4 out of the last 5 years.

With some METRON custom TT bars on your bike, maybe you will be next.

To purchase your own unique MYTHOS custom TT bar, simply fill out the contact form [click], and we will get back to you shortly.

Custom MYTHOS TT bars start from £4300, with lead times of 4-8 weeks depending on your unique requirements.

A new brand of 3D printed cycling components created by the team at METRON

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“MYTHOS” refers to a heroic act, it’s the stuff of legends, a tremendous story that is told in awe.
I have been very fortunate to work with the best cyclists and teams of the modern era at a time where technology has started to play the pivotal role in performance.
I now want to share this know-how with the world, and cannot wait to showcase my unique blend of creative design and cutting edge manufacturing techniques.”
– Dimitris Katsanis